Wow effect. Come and see what’s going on backstage

Sigep is a unique event.
In Rimini the communities of the artisan gelato, confectionery, pastry and bakery industries from all over the world meet once a year to do business, share their passions, seek inspiration and forge new relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.
At Sigep you can have the sweetest business experience in the world. Sigep is the only event in the world that unites the gelato, confectionery, pastry, bakery and coffee industries. In the event arenas, young talents compete, receive training and share dreams.
Sigep is a wonder, an unmissable date that surprises, excites and amazes visitors.

This is the WOW effect of SIGEP.
And we have tried to convey this with the new 2018 image. A bright, curious, optimistic lady, a professional of the modern world, a symbol of the generation of the millennials and of the future of our sector. A protagonist who sees the exhibition experience as an exciting opportunity to build professionalism. Sigep is sure to make a big impression on your business and does so by treating you to a unique experience.
Participate in the WOW effect!

What does Sigep mean for you?
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